Requirement and guidance for submitting papers

Prepare Paper

Please, follow the IGC34 style guidelines listed below in section REQUIREMENTS. To simplify your work, please, use MS Word template for IGC34. The manuscript should be saved as an Adobe PDF document.


Please submit your manuscript through the Electronic Journal Management System (EJMS) submission page here. While submitting, please choose correct Manuscript type “Abstract” or “Poster”. Deadline for papers submission is extended till 25th of May, 2015. Main submission file should be in an Adobe PDF format. The source MS Word file should be uploaded as supplementary file. 

Revision of Paper

To resubmit or track an existing manuscript already submitted to IGC34 through EJMS, please, return to the EJMS submission page. You can follow the status of the paper revision.


Please see Template requirements below. You can download MS Word template from the following website
  • Abstracts must to be in English.
  • Abstracts must be submitted in *.doc (Windows or Mac) format.
  • Abstracts must not exceed four pages.
  • The type area is 17 cm wide and 20.7 cm long. The following margin settings for A4 size paper will produce the correct result: top 4.5 cm; bottom: 4.5 cm; left and right: 2.0 cm.
  • Paragraphs are to be formatted in single line spacing.
  • The recommended type font for running text (body text) is 10 point Myriad Pro but you are allowed to use Times New Roman font as default font.
  • Title: 14pt, bold, centered. Hyphens should be excluded.
  • Section headings should be formatted bold, and only the first letter and proper names are capitalized.
  • Author’s name(s): 12pt, bold, centered. Author’s affiliation(s): 10pt, roman, centered, below the name. Indicate the authors’ affiliation, city, country and e-mail address. Use superscripted numbers to identify the connections between multiple authors and their affiliations.
  • Keywords: 10pt, roman. Use bold for the word “Keywords”.
  • Tables and figures are to be included in text and to respect the above margin sizes. Avoid using illustrations taken from the Web. Use figures minimum of 300 dpi resolution. Captions of both tables and figures should be concise, but as informative as possible.
  • References are to be mentioned in the text, e.g. (Hänni et al., 1982).

Examples of references:

Hänni, H.A., Schmetzer, K., 1982. New rubies from Morogoro area, Tanazani. Gems & Gemology, 27(3), 156-167.
Kane, R.E., 1982. Graining in gem diamond. In D.M. Eash, Ed., International Gemological Symposium Proceedings
1982, Gemological Institute of America, Santa Monica, CA, pp. 219-235.
Strack, E., 2006. Pearls. Rühle-Diebener Verlag GmbH, Stuttgart, 696 pp.
More details and instructions of formating of your abstract you will find in the MS Word template package for IGC34 Proceedings.

Deadline for papers submission is extended till 25th of May, 2015.